Elevators and pathfinding

So far, i’ve taken the easy way of doing things. Among those things are the elevators/transportations.

When i first started out on this game, i was thinking that the infrastructure allowed to be built by the gamer should be very strict, and thus only enabling building blocks to be placed directly on top of another, and the transportations are to be put vertically between building blocks. And therefore the entire building would be a homogenous slab of bricks. But it would also mean that it will be sort of a boring building.

What i really want is that the gamer should be able to create any type of building they want, wether it be a giant homogenous slab of bricks, or a 40 stories twin tower, with alternating horizontal positions of the building blocks.

This would also mean that the elevators/transportations must be limited in height so that they dont overlap a building block

So the game should enable the gamer to put elevators like this:
Elevator 1: Bottomfloor = 1, Topfloor = 5
Elevator 2: Bottomfloor = 4, Topfloor = 15

… instead of as it is now:
Elevator 1: Bottomfloor = 1, Topfloor = 15
Elevator 2: Bottomfloor = 1, Topfloor = 15

This though, opens up for a near total rewrite of the AI of the workers in the building, because then they have to potentially look for more elevators/transportations.

I’ll have to think about this….


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