Working out some bugs

Spent the larger part of the day of straightening out some bugs, ive been dragging with and been annoyed about.

Thing is, when i set out to do this game, i didnt really realise that when doing an office simulator, i actually hade to do AI for all things at the office. This is including a somewhat smart elevator system, and elevator queue system.
This is the thing thats been bugging alot. It didnt properly register when somebody got off the elevator for some reason. And only sometimes.

Now, this is probably the most annoying part for most devs, that something only happens “sometimes”, and its really hard to figure out what the actual scenario is when this happens. But anyways, i figured it out, and im glad thats out of the way.

Still waiting for the last bits and pieces from Murry the designer. Should be able to do a video/trailer in about a week or two!


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